The Goods

Jersey Shine Moonshine seeks to offer the freshest and tastiest grain alcohol flavored moonshine. We have sought out the finest ingredients to distill Jersey Shine Moonshine. We currently offer six (6) flavored moonshines and a straight-up ‘White Lightning’ moonshine for your enjoyment:

White Lightning

Moonshine in New Jersey has a storied history, Jersey Shine Moonshine pays tribute to its notorious past by six-times distilling a 100-proof grain neutral spirit from the finest locally grown Jersey corn, making our ‘white lightning’ dangerously drinkable!

Margarita Moonshine

Crafted with fresh-squeezed lemon, lime and orange juice, Jersey Shine’s Margarita moonshine makes the most refreshing summer drinks and celebratory cocktails. Don’t forget to add some rimming salt for a sweet and tangy flavor.

Lemonade Moonshine

Squeezed from fresh lemons and blended with pure cane sugar to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour!

Cranberry Moonshine

The perfect thirst quencher for the end of a long day. A satisfying combination of grain alcohol and cranberry juice.

Black Cherry Moonshine

Infused with pure, all natural black cherry juice, every sip is filled with rich tart flavor showcasing its wild cherry roots!

Apple Pie Moonshine

An American classic crafted using the perfect blend of apples, cinnamon and vanilla. This traditional shine will hit the spot every time!