NOW AVAILABLE: Jersey Shine’s White Lightning

Jersey Shine Moonshine has¬†released a six-times distilled, 100-proof grain neutral spirit under the name ‘White Lightning’. Distilled from the finest locally grown Jersey corn, the pure corn liquor taste will make this spirit dangerously drinkable. Please look for Jersey Shine’s White Lightning at the distillery and through our retail partners.

2 Responses to “NOW AVAILABLE: Jersey Shine’s White Lightning

  • David Dragan
    6 months ago

    Thanks Carl and Bob for the little taste session today… even though I’m sure you were closed…. Will see you tomorrow for some white lighting. Carl your product and knowledge are both exceptional

  • Bought a bottle of the 100 proof & it’s now stilling in my recently purchased ” Thousand Oak Barrel ” to age for some charred taste for the
    New Yr of 2018 , be ageing for about 1 month ! ! !

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